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Bundle Plus: Get these products (Rotate 123, WebReports, and Video) for a period of length of your choosing. You'll save the most with a yearly subscription, with an average monthly price of $9.00 (a 14% savings on the individual plans).
Bundle Pro: The same as above, except with the highest subscription level for all products (Rotate 123 Pro, WebReports Pro, and Video). With a one year subscription, the average monthly price comes to $12.00 (a 20% savings on the individual plans).
Rotate 123: $30.00/year. Rotate 123 automates your lineup and formation creation on our website.
Rotate 123 Pro: $65.00/year. Rotate 123 Pro is the advanced version of Rotate 123.
SoloStats 123: 7 day free trial. SoloStats is for taking stats on your Apple or Android device. Available in the Apple and Android app stores. After 7 days use the In-App Purchase to buy your subscription.
SoloStats WebReports: $30.00/year. WebReports provides extended analysis and reports of your SoloStats data. You must already have a copy of SoloStats and a user account.
SoloStats WebReports Pro: $45.00/year. WebReports Pro extends the features of WebReports with fully customizable columns for every report, Point Tree table, Box Scores and fast Match selection page.
SoloStats Video: $69.00/year. SoloStats Video lets you see your stats by syncing your videos to your stats. You must already have a copy of SoloStats and a user account.
WinNow - Training: $150.00, one time fee.

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